Book Coaching From Concept to Published Copy

So you’ve dreamed of writing a book. You’ve got a great idea. You’re eager to share your book with the world, but so much gets in your way.

  • Time to write
  • Organizing your ideas
  • Structuring your manuscript
  • Knowing what to revise and how to edit
  • Even the dreaded writer’s block
You think, If I only had a book coach! The book coaching you need is available with KM Smith Writes.


Your book coach awaits at KM Smith Writes. Our dedicated book coaches know how to coach you into writing your best book possible. The one-to-one guidance and encouragement you get from a professional book coach can help turn your great idea into a polished manuscript.


Book coaching services are tailor-fit to meet your genre and project concerns. Our coaches are experienced in multiple genres. You choose how you’d like to collaborate: via email, by Skype, or face-to-face.


KM Smith Writes goes beyond book coaching. We can copyedit, proofread, and collaborate on publishing, too. Contact us today to begin a discussion about your future best seller.


Book coaching for all genres:
  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Memoir
  • Poetry
  • Self-help
  • Spirituality
  • Educational texts
  • Business books
  • Workbooks
  • Children’s books
  • Young adult fiction
  • Middle grade fiction

Discount provided for series projects and multivolume manuscripts.

There is nothing so important as the book can be. – Maxwell Perkins