Better Writing Workshops!

As part of our new venture, The Editor Garden will host a series of workshops, retreats, and webinars.

Our workshops, webinars, and retreats will focus on everything from creativity to craft. One Saturday a month, we’ll host a Write On Afternoon where you can enjoy structured silent writing time as well as group discussion in the company of local writers—with complimentary coffee and snacks, of course! Be sure to follow our news and events page for our latest offerings.

Some of our previous workshops included:

Harnessing the Narrative Elements

This 8-week workshop focuses on deepening the participant’s understanding of basic narrative elements, engaging in writing practice, and developing a critical eye toward revision and self-editing.

Mastering the Narrative Elements

This 10-week workshop is for the advanced writer seeking in-depth analysis and discussion of narrative elements with structured critique sessions and independent editing consultation time. We ask that participants either have attended Harnessing the Narrative Elements as a prerequisite or have publishing credits.