Premium Level of Editing Service

Need more in-depth guidance and assistance than a content consultation or standard copyediting? Starting a new writing project and unsure how to move forward? Hiring a developmental editor can provide you with the greatest level of support for your manuscript or document idea.

Professional developmental editing should not be confused with copyediting. At KM Smith Writes, our developmental editors work with you early in the writing process, supporting and guiding you through each stage of the writing process.

Developmental editing may include any or all of the following services:

  • Suggesting suitable formats to structure and deliver your idea or message
  • Helping you “think through” and plan your manuscript or document
  • Analyzing the tone of the text and how it supports the purpose of the document or manuscript
  • Suggesting construction or arrangement of content, elements, parts, chapters or sections
  • Identifying gaps in information, content or research that may confuse or mislead the reader
  • Determining if content serves the purpose and goal of the document or manuscript or should be revised or eliminated
  • Discussing ways to appeal to your reader or market for publication purposes

Your KM Smith Writes developmental editor is there to take you through the writing process in a way that increases your productivity, decreases your anxiety, and makes the writing and project process enjoyable and worry free.

After the developmental editing process, we can also serve as your copyeditor, getting your book or document ready for publication. KM Smith Writes offers consultation services with creative partners experienced in book design and author website creation.