High-quality proofreading is not mere scanning for typos.

When KM Smith Writes proofreads a document or manuscript for you, we scrutinize your text for errors and mark it for corrections. We use the Track Changes function of MS Word for proofreading electronic formats but can also proofread and provide mark-ups for your paper proofs and PDFs.

While proofreading is more than scanning, it is also not editing. Our proofreaders give detailed attention to the following elements of your important document or manuscript:

  • errors or inconsistencies in spelling
  • end-of-line word hyphenation
  • typeface and font consistencies
  • page number accuracy
  • properly formatted running heads, illustrations and tables
  • effectiveness of overall appearance
  • consistent text alignment
  • accuracy of facts
  • any gross syntactical errors

Proofreading is one of the most important steps in the publication process, and not proofreading your text properly can lead to costly mistakes. A professional proofreader gets your galley proofs ready for publication. Self-publishers charge stiff revision and correction fees. Don’t be left paying extra fees and charges because errors went overlooked.

Whether your book, document, or manuscript is self-published or published with a small press or major publishing house, KM Smith Writes can proofread your galley in electronic or paper proof form. As professional proofreaders, we’ll ensure your book or document is error free. We help our clients publish books and documents they can love and take great pride in. We stake our reputations on it!

A custom quote for professional proofreading of your document or manuscript is just an email away. Contact us today for your custom quote.