Professional, Friendly Copyediting Services

Our Copyediting Philosophy

At KM Smith Writes, we believe in developing strong writer-editor relationships. We work for you and your reader. Our copyediting philosophy is that it’s your manuscript or document and your ideas. We listen to your copyediting concerns and never impose our own style onto your work.

Our Method

Typically, our editors use the Track Changes function of Microsoft Word. We can, however, work with PDFs to perform copyediting. We provide comments to the document when necessary to help you understand why edits or changes were suggested to your text. In addition, we answer all manuscript queries from authors. Many of our clients tell us that working together helped them elevate their writing skills.

Our Focus

Our standard copyediting service includes attention to the consistency and correctness of the following mechanical matters:

  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Hyphenation
  • Abbreviation
  • Formatting of lists
  • And all other issues of the mechanics of language

Beyond mechanical editing, our copyediting services include language editing and content consideration. We’ll edit your text for grammar, syntax and usage, providing useful comments for revision consideration as necessary.

Additionally, standard copyediting includes editing for cohesion and consistency in and throughout all parts of the document or manuscript. We note any concerns in the following elements:

  • Text, tables or illustrations that may require permission to reprint
  • Effectiveness of typographical choices such as the use of bold or italics
  • Consistency in headings, subheading and lists
  • Standard formatting for submission to publishers and agents

Our Standard Package

Most manuscripts and documents benefit significantly from a minimum of two full rounds of copyediting. Any quote for services includes two full rounds of copyediting and spot-checking passages as requested by client, up to 10 business days following return of second round of edits.

We require contracts on large-scope projects (25,000 words or more). Payment plans may be available.

Don’t hesitate. Put our professional, friendly copy editors to work for you. Tell us about your project, and ask for a quote.