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Many authors and business owners are looking for that competitive edge and find it in investing in the quality of their manuscripts, business documents and marketing materials.

Understanding Substantive Editing

Many terms for levels of editing are floated around the editing world: developmental editing, content editing, structural editing, substantive editing.  Keeping these levels straight can be mind-boggling.  So what exactly is meant by substantive editing?

Unlike developmental editing, which focuses on the development of a manuscript’s or document’s premise or idea and involves large-focus organizational and structural matters, often before the production of a first draft, substantive editing involves working with an already-existing draft to strengthen it beyond the basic copyediting level and may include any of the following matters:

  • Examining chapter organization and content flow
  • Evaluating appropriateness of content
  • Rewriting wordy, skimpy or convoluted passages
  • Verifying or revising facts for accuracy
  • Fixing faulty organization or gaps in logic

Typically, substantive editing rates include basic copyediting functions (e.g., corrections in spelling, mechanics and word usage) plus these higher-level editing functions. Professional substantive editing can involve medium to heavy commenting on rewrite suggestions or rewriting large passages or sections of copy. It is labor intensive but can greatly improve the focus, clarity, and reader impact of a document or manuscript.

Trust in KM Smith Writes

You can trust us with your manuscript or business documents. At KM Smith Writes, we do not rewrite substantial portions of text without consultation with the client and prior approval. You can trust that we’ll listen to your goals and preferences and not impose a “heavy hand” on your work. We bring out the best in your current draft and help you problem-solve storyline or content concerns.

Substantive editing can become a close, collaborative process and goes beyond standard editing solely for content or structure. First-time authors and seasoned writers often report that their writing skills were strengthened and that they became more confident in their writing process following this level of writer-editor engagement.

Make the Smart Editing Investment

Don’t be fooled by editing services that claim they can provide quality substantive editing at bare-bone prices. Substantive editing requires a professional writer with a superior level of training, skill and talent. Our editors are degreed professionals with years of experience and can provide the quality service substantive editing demands.

We offer reasonable rates and easy payment plans. Email us today to learn more about how we can help you ready your manuscript or document for the market with professional substantive editing.