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Writing Resolutions

Making Thoughtful Writing Resolutions It’s a new year, and for many that means it’s time to make writing resolutions. Those among us who write know that in year’s past we’ve pronounced each January 1, “This year I will write more!” This year, however, I am resolving and encouraging you, dear writer, to write not more […]


What plot depends upon

Speaking with youth writers this week about plot. Josip Novakovich writes in FICTION WRITER’S WORKSHOP, “To summarize (at the risk of oversimplifying): Plot depends on passions—on how characters struggle to fulfill them.” I’m dumbfounded sometimes about the inordinate amount of energy spent on methods for plotting and creating “original” plots. I sigh when I hear […]


Beginning with Commitment to the Craft

Good writing begins with a commitment to the craft. If one will not study language construction and storytelling, if one will not accept constructive criticism, then one will likely produce the same level of writing again and again, no matter how much one writes. No meaningful progress will be made. The first job of the […]