Read what others are saying about writer, editor and coach Kimberly Smith Ashley and KM Smith Writes.

“When I called Kimberly Smith Ashley I was exhausted. I had been working on writing, revising and trying to improve my manuscript for eleven months. I remember saying, ‘Kimberly, this is my first and last book. Can you please help me clean it up and get it out?’ Kimberly’s reaction was calm and professional. She took on the work, and within days I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. She provided the polish and technical expertise (how many of us can remember all we learned about grammar and punctuation?) I desperately needed.

“Now we have a finished product and I am thrilled with the end result. I may even write another book.”

Barry Drake,
Author, 40 Years 40,000 Sales Calls

“Thank you so much for saving my sanity. I had no idea how useful it would be to have an editor while working on my master’s degree until I used your services. The amount of time you have saved me in self-editing, and the piece of mind of having a fresh set of eyes read my work, has been priceless. You are worth your weight in gold.”

Deanna S.
Educator, Jacksonville, FL

“Kimberly has helped me tremendously with her writing services. Before my work with Kimberly, I suffered from high writing anxiety and no confidence in my work. After a few months of lessons, my confidence increased so much that I finally applied for my master’s degree at Florida State University and got accepted. Kimberly is not only an outstanding writing coach she is also an amazing friend and mentor.”

Justin M.
Student, Tallahassee, FL

“Kimberly Smith Ashley is a pleasure to work with. She is responsive to our needs and extremely capable of turning around quality editing jobs on tight deadlines.”

Sarah Thomas
Marketing Manager/Art Director
Visioning Health Care, Inc.
Visioning Publishers LLC

“Kimberly’s insightfulness and influence put a shot of adrenaline in my short stories. I attribute being a top ten winner in the Florida Writers Association’s Slices of Life short story competition directly to her editing and motivation she provided. She helped me bring “Martini” alive from my first draft. Recently, she completed a comprehensive edit of my first novel. Thank you, Kimberly.”

Randy Register
Author, Martini and More . . .

“Hi Kimberly –

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you on the WE Insure Web site; you were an absolute lifesaver! The way you organized yourself, your interaction with the client, and the way you kept me informed of the status of the copy writing aspect of the site was exactly what I needed to insure the project’s success!

“Thank you for being such a great partner and representing our company as we would. More times than not, is it hard to find and partner with someone that holds to the same work standards and customer service as we do. You were truly ‘one of us.’

“The client was thrilled with their new Web site and that is the true testament to a job well done!”

Lisa Chafin
Creative Director, Media Works Inc.

“Kimberly took my undeveloped manuscript and refined it into solid piece of nonfiction literature. Her language, writing, and copyediting skills are superior. Working with someone who’d never written a book, Kim was very patient, detailed, and understanding as she guided me through the process, as my manuscript required considerable rewriting. Her expertise in the area of education was also another valuable asset Kim brought to my project.”

Dr. James Young, President & CEO
Turnaround Solutions Inc.
Turnaround Solutions Publishing
Author: The One-Year School Turnaround

“I hired Kimberly to edit my second novel because the editor of my first book, a right-wing, Christian woman found it too racy for her. What a blessing.

“Kimberly did a developmental and copyedit of my book. After the first round of copyedits, I realized that my writing was not as good as it could be. I sent her my first book to have a look. I had already paid a Harvard-educated professor money to edit this book. Kimberly provided me with some notes, and it was clear that the book was not as good as it could be. I hired her to edit my first book too, which lead to an extensive rewrite on my part.

“Without Kimberly’s outstanding critiques and teaching, my first book probably would have been self-published and languished. It was a good story, with decent writing, but how does that separate me from the other ten thousand authors? What I have now are two outstanding books. The stories are rich and original, and my writing is much, much better. That is what a great editor can do for you.

“My only hesitation in writing this is that it will be read and people will hire her, and then she won’t have time for me. So all of you back off!”

John Thompson
Author, Sarasota, FL

“My experience with Kimberly was definitely one that I will always cherish. Being a new author, I had many questions and concerns on how to go about this whole ordeal, but Kimberly stepped in and cleared the path and gave me a better understanding. Kimberly provided knowledge, professionalism, and the support that I needed in order to be successful in writing my first book. I truly look forward to working with Kimberly again in the near future. “

Billy Hargrove
Coauthor: The DBA Success Guide

“Kim edited our first book and made the experience very painless. She takes pride in her work and offers constructive advice to excel you to the next level. Her high attention to detail and writing expertise is invaluable. I highly recommend Kim.”

Sha-Rese Moore
Coauthor: The DBA Success Guide

“As an editor, Kimberly has been nothing short of outstanding. Her dedication to the project couldn’t be stronger. The quality of Kimberly’s work is impressive. She nudges me to think beyond what I thought was possible, while being my cheerleader, team member and coach. I truly value Kimberly’s work ethic and responsiveness. When working with Kimberly, I feel confident that she is committed to helping me create a great quality product.”

Dina Mauro
Author: A Dose of Tia: How a Woman and Her Rescued Dog Embraced Life Through Volunteering–And How You Can Too

“Kimberly is always my number one, go-to gal when I need help with editing and writing. She’s detail-oriented but still looks at the bigger picture when reviewing manuscripts. Very encouraging, very helpful, and very professional. I would recommend Kimberly to anyone seeking an editor who will not only fix common mistakes, but also help their work grow and flourish.”

Allyson Richards
Author: Enlightened

“I chose Kimberly to work on a project that was detailed and, frankly, trouble from the start. No matter what direction the project went, though, during Kim’s time her work was consistently excellent, and she proved to be one of the best writers on the project. I would absolutely hire her again, for any writing assignment, both because of her work and the spirit with which she approached it.”

Anne Cherney
General Partner at Baird Group Technical Communications

“Kim Smith Ashley is an extremely talented writer and her editing skills are impeccable! I most appreciated her quick turnaround time and sweet demeanor. Moreover, she is respectful of the writer’s voice and possesses a unique ability to maintain that voice throughout the editing process. You would be remiss in passing her services by. Kim, you’re invaluable! Thank you!”

Kate Rapp
MC Law Class of 2015
MS Women’s Student Bar, President

“I came to Kimberly Smith Ashley with an idea for a book and a third of it completed. I had never before written fiction. Over a period of several years, she coached, coaxed and cajoled me in the rough and fine points of grammar, usage, point of view, character development, pacing, formatting . . . until a finished work emerged. In other words, she made great progress toward making a writer of me, and I will be forever grateful for her assistance.”

Margaret Beach
Author, Scotch Plains, NJ