Share Your Story or Ideas with the World

KM Smith Writes helps authors tell their stories and express their ideas in a way that mirrors their unique voice and style. If you’d like to tell your family history, write your autobiography, or create a nonfiction book to help and inspire others, we can work with you to make that dream a reality.

Ghostwriting services are negotiated according to your particular needs and project time frame, and a quality ghostwriter must have the time to consult with you and dedicate themselves to your project. Our professional freelance writers can provide the time necessary to meet your project goals and time schedule.

Get started with a few simple steps:

  • Contact us by email, providing a brief description of your project idea.
  • We’ll schedule a no-cost consultation about your project.
  • Upon agreement of the project’s scope, we’ll offer a service quote.

From there you can expect our ghostwriters to guide you through the project process every step of the way, from initial interviewing to manuscript completion. Copyediting services are provided in service quotes. Proofreading, book layout, cover design, author websites, and other services are available as service extras.

Don’t let the cost of hiring a professional ghostwriter stop you from sharing your inspirational story or life-changing ideas.

The truth is ghostwriting is a sizable investment in your dreams. It requires substantial time and specialized skills, and it’s no wonder aspiring authors think it’s out of their budgets. Consider, though, the time and effort it would take on your part to complete your project. Your time is valuable, and spending it writing a book may take you away from your work, family and other pursuits. In the long run, hiring a ghostwriter may be a time-saving, cost-saving proposal.

Present yourself as the expert you are.

Many smart business people hire ghostwriters to create books as marketing material. A book is a fast and affordable way to brand yourself as an expert in your field or industry. But not everyone has time to sit down and write (and rewrite through several drafts) a well-conceived, expertly crafted book. Imagine putting your book in a potential client’s hand. Consider the impact your memoir can have on your readers. Isn’t it worth what a professionally ghostwritten book can do for your business and aspirations?

Payment Plans Available

KM Smith offers convenient payment plans, including monthly and quarterly payments. Whatever your payment needs, we can construct a project timeline that works for you. You can get started on your project with an initial deposit for as low as 15% to begin the manuscript outlining process.