Go from Good to Great

Sometimes even our best efforts need a little extra assistance.

You’ve devoted the extra effort to your writing project. But is it ready for publishing? KM Smith Writes can help you rewrite any text that needs extra attention, large and small passages. We’ll smooth out the rough spots, ensuring smooth language flow and consistency of tone.

How is rewriting different from editing?

Rewriting is more than editing and involves extensive consultation. A KM Smith Writes editor will consult with you to ensure your writing project is all you want and need it to be, making you look good and feel proud.

Rewriting services take editing to a new level. We’ll preserve your ideas, tone and unique voice while enhancing your text’s effect on your reader. Whether you’ve written a novel, an essay or a business document, KM Smith Writes can help you connect greater with your audience.

We’d love to hear from you today. Contact us to learn more about our rewriting services.